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Terms of Service


■ Provision 1: Users


1. "Users" refers to individuals who have followed the account registration procedure established by this company, agreed to these terms of service, and registered for an account.


2. "User Information" refers to information provided to this company by users for the purposes of account registration, or information pertaining to transactions by users and the history of these transactions.


3. These terms of service apply to all users. Please abide by these terms of service when registering for an account and thereafter.



■ Provision 2: Account Registration


1. User Qualification


Customers who have agreed to these terms of service and registered for an account are considered users as soon as the account registration process is complete. The user registration process must be completed by the individual for whom the account is registered. Registration by proxy is strictly prohibited. In the event that your user privileges have been revoked in the past, or if this company otherwise deems the applicant inappropriate, your registration may be refused.



2. Providing User Information


Upon registering for an account, please be sure to carefully read all precautions and correctly input all required information. When inputting your information, please be sure to use only the English alphabet (roman characters with no diacritic marks). Do not input any special characters, characters from other languages, etc. Should you input such characters, we will change them as we see fit.



3. Password Management


(1) Passwords are for use by the account holder only, and are not to be conveyed or shared with a third party.

(2) It is the user's responsibility to manage their password, and to ensure that their password is unknown to others by changing it periodically and taking other necessary precautions.

(3) By inputting their password for the use of our services, a user is expressing their will and consent. All charges and other transactions incurred are the user's responsibility.



■ Provision 3: Updates


1. Users will promptly contact us in the event that their name, address, or other information provided has changed.


2. We refuse to take any responsibility for losses incurred due to failure to update information on file. Additionally, even in the event that registered information has been updated, any order processed prior to the change will be processed with the information on file prior to the change.



■ Provision 4: Account Termination


Should a user wish to terminate their account, we ask that they please complete the account termination process. Their account will be terminated once the specified account termination process is complete.



■ Provision 5: Loss of User Privileges and Liability


Should a user commit any of the actions described below, we may deem it appropriate to revoke their user privileges, at which point all agreements will be void, and all business dealings and correspondences will be suspended thenceforth.


1. If user refuses to accept these terms of service.


2. If the user is found to have committed any of the actions listed in "Section 7 (Prohibited Actions)."


3. If we determine that the level of trust necessary to conduct business cannot be created, improved, or maintained.

(1) If a user's name, address, telephone number, email address, or other information provided to us changes, but the user does not report the change.

(2) If any statement or information provided to us is under false pretense.

(3) If it is established that the individual has had their user privileges revoked due to violation of these terms of service.

(4) If the user interferes with site operation in any way.

(5) If the user cancel orders due to personal convenience, intentionally returns/refuses order delivery, or attempts to negotiate with us in such a manner.

(6) If payment or other obligations of debt are fulfilled late or are delinquent.

(7) If we are unable to contact the user via phone, email, or other means.

(8) If the user is otherwise found to have violated these terms of service.

(9) If we otherwise deem the user's action inappropriate.


4. If a user commits any of the actions described below, the user shall bear financial responsibility for any and all damages we suffer from these actions.

(1) Should account information or passwords be used for nefarious purposes.

(2) Should our home page be accessed and information falsified, should a malicious computer program be sent to our website, or any other action that disrupts business.

(3) Should one infringe upon the intellectual property rights of our products.

(4) Should the user do something that otherwise violates these terms of service.


5. We assume no responsibility for damages, including damages to a third party, should a user lose their ability to use our services due to our company enforcing the measures set forth in this provision.



■ Provision 6: Use of User Information


1. In principle, we will never disclose user information to a third party without prior consent of the user. However, in the following circumstances, we will be able to disclose user and other customer information without prior consent.

(1) If the disclosure was requested or approved in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or other related laws or statutes.

(2) If we determine that the action is necessary to preserve our rights, interests, or the reputation of our company.

(3) If the use meets the requirements set forth in our "Privacy Policy" under the heading "How Personal Information is Collected and Used."


2. User information will be managed in compliance with our "Efforts to Protect Personal Information." We will be able to make use of user information for the purposes of providing service to users, improving service contents, promoting the use of services, and ensuring smooth and sound service operation.


3. We will be able to provide information to users (including advertisements) by email magazine and other means. If the user does not wish to receive this information, we will stop providing it once the user notifies us by the method specified. However, notifications necessary for the operation and provision of this service cannot be stopped by user request.



■ Provision 7: Prohibited Actions


While using our services, members are expressly prohibited from the following actions.


1. Disregarding any laws or regulations, these terms of service, warnings regarding using this service, or warnings regarding making a purchase via our service.


2. Infringing upon the rights, interests, or reputation of this company or a third party.


3. Actions that may adversely affect the mental or physical wellbeing of a minor, or any other conduct that violates public order and morality.


4. Any conduct that disturbs or causes discomfort to other users or a third party.


5. Providing false information.


6. Sending or introducing malicious computer programs or email.


7. Accessing our servers or other computers without authorization.


8. Lending, transferring, or sharing a password with a third party.


9. Fraudulently registering an email address or password and using this service.


10. Fraudulently registering a credit card or other form of electronic payment and using this service.


11. Any other act deemed inappropriate by this company.



■ Provision 8: Disruption and Suspension of Service


1. In order to maintain the operational integrity of our services, we may suspend all or part of our services without prior notice in any of the following circumstances.


(1) As necessary for periodic and emergency maintenance of our system.

(2) When the system is experiencing heavy traffic.

(3) When system operations become difficult due to fire, blackout, interference by a third party, and other such circumstances.

(4) When otherwise determined that system operations must unavoidably be suspended.



■ Provision 9: Change and Discontinuation of Service


Based on our sole discretion, we may change or discontinue service in part or in full as necessary without advanced notice.



■ Provision 10: Disclaimers


1. We are not responsible for any damages caused by computer or communication line interruption, delay, disconnection, data loss, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, or any other damages incurred by users related to using our services.


2. We make no guarantee that email and other contents generated by our website, server, or domain are free from computer viruses and other malicious software.


3. We assume no responsibility for any damaged caused by a user violating these terms of service.


4. If you are a minor using this service, you are deemed to have obtained the consent of your parent or custodial guardian. In addition, we make no guarantee that any of this service's content is suitable for minors.



■ Provision 11: Agreement Revisions


This company shall be able to revise our terms of service arbitrarily, and or stipulate terms to supplement these terms of service (hereafter called "supplementary terms." The amendment or supplementation of these terms will take effect as soon as they are posted to our site. In this instance, users shall comply with revised and or supplementary terms.



■ Provision 12: Governing Law, Adjudication


Should there be any dispute that arises from these terms, the regional court with jurisdiction over the location of our company headquarters will have exclusive jurisdiction.