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Epicurious Alice

Product Details

Has that little tease Alice invited you for tea… ? Or perhaps… ♪
Nilitsu’s ethereal watercolor illustration has come to life!

You’ve been invited to a secret tea tasting… Where Alice herself awaits you in a cup - adorable dress languidly disheveled, as her bewitching gaze and erotic pose vie for your attention.

Sculptor Hiro has crafted this figure, based on Nilitsu’s etherial watercolor illustration.

Take a close look at her long flowing hair and luscious frills, which have been beautifully sculpted in exquisite detail, as well as the soft and tender feminine skin on her bare arms and thighs.  The tea cup, which also serves as the stand, is completely transparent - allowing you full view of the figure from all 360 degrees.

Please welcome her into your to your home, and savor the unique flavor of each and every angle to your heart’s content.

All products are made to order, and orders are only accepted during the reservation period, so be sure not to miss your chance!

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Nilitsu Illustrated Postcard (Online Shop Bonus)
★ Included: tea cup, spoon, creamer, gold watch

● We do not accept order cancellations.
● Please confirm details regarding payment, shipping fees, and shipment in the User Guide before ordering.
● Cannot be purchased by individuals under 18.
● This is an age restricted item. Do not openly display this item or images of this item without confirming the viewer's age.
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Order Period
Pre-Order Dates: (Fri) Nov. 20, 2015 at 15:00 - (Mon) Jan. 18, 2016 at 19:00 JST
Sales Ended
◆Please note the following when placing your order◆
Purchase Limit: 3 per person
Name Epicurious Alice
Release Date May 2016
Announce Date Nov 20, 2015
Manufacturer native
Sculptor Hiro
Series Nilitsu original character

Materials: PVC, ABS; fully painted and assembled
Size: 1/7 scale; Height: 13.5cm

Rating Check 18歳以上
Sales Ended
◆Please note the following when placing your order◆
Purchase Limit: 3 per person
Order Closing Date InformationMORE 
31st March 2017(Fri) at 18:30 JST.